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By James Valvano -
June 11, 2013
HSG regarding the "First-HD" Trial.  One of our aims is
to bring news and information about studies and trials
to our Huntington's disease community.
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By James Valvano -
June 27, 2013
On June 22, 2013, our family had to make a very
heartbreaking and difficult decision.  To this very day, I
have yet to come across a single person within our
community who would disagree with my assessment of
Huntington’s disease - it is a monster.  
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By Melissa Biliardi -
October 25, 2012
In recent months, and through my own investigation, I
and the community, so I set out to conduct live interviews
with some of the nations’ top HD research scientists,
clinicians, physicians and lay people who are working
day and night to find the cure or viable treatments for our
beloved JH’Dears and H’Dears.
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C.J. Ward,
NewsChannel 3 Anchor
July 18, 2013

When most people think about the war on drugs they
think about empty smuggling boats on the beach and
massive pot fields tucked away our back country. But
NewsChannel 3 discovered there's another battling
being waged right down the street at your neighborhood
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Huntington's disease?
2013 Trailer!
Removing the Mask"
By Melissa Biliardi -
TheHuntingtonsPost is excited to announce that UC
Davis will begin recruitment for PRE-CELL which is
stem cell trial for Huntington's disease.
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By James Valvano -
August 8, 2013
Throughout the last four years, I have had the
opportunity to get to know so many of my international
peers in the Huntington's community. Although
bittersweet, I have yet to meet most of my peers in
person. Among these amazing individuals is Kévin
Soares of Federation Huntington Actions.  
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By James Valvano -
October 22, 2013
The SD-809 ER tablet releases the drug more slowly
into the body than tetrabenazine.  SD-809 ER is broken
down in the body more slowly.
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By Polly Garrett -
November 26, 2013
March 9, 2012 is the day that changed my life! My name
is Polly, I am 21 years old and this is my story of how I
came to know Huntington’s disease. My Dad is adopted
and was never interested in finding his birth mother nor
would he even talk about it. In May 2011 curiosity got the
better of me and I decided that I would begin the search
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By Melissa Biliardi -
November 27, 2013
I am so pleased to announce that has partnered with Dr. Peg
new component - "Help4JHD" to our website and
international mobile application.
 We are pleased to be
working with Dr. Nopoulos on the Kids-HD and
Kids-JHD programs.
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The first international newspaper for Huntington's disease!
By Melissa Biliardi -
December 15, 2013
This is the time of year for giving. We give to our family,
to our friends, and to others without expecting much in
return. In the spirit of giving I wish to celebrate my new
friend, Elizabeth Valenzuela who puts this to practice all
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By Polly Garrett -
Decebmer 13, 2013
Since learning of Huntington’s disease I have come
across many different opinions from those who have
never heard of HD, those who have been diagnosed
with HD and those who may have it. The time when I
had more opinions than ever was when I was
contemplating getting tested. I knew from the very
beginning that I wanted to know. My own personal belief
is that in knowing you can come to acceptance and in
accepting you feel empowered to do something!
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By Melissa Biliardi -
February 16, 2014
Each of us wants to see treatments or the cure for
Huntington's disease. Without participating in vital
trials and studies, our scientific community will not be
able to find the treatments or the cure!It is true that
there are other registries for our peers and loved ones
with Huntington's disease.  However, the purpose of
our registry is to provide a platform to instantly connect
our HD loved ones to research and science through
clinical trials and studies.  >  
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